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Monday, March 21, 2011

HR 1161 - Booze Shipping

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Lots of controversy here.  The posturing is palpable.

Dr. Vino says, "Now known officially as HR 1161, and unofficially as the Wholesaler Protection Act, the bill seeks to restrict legal challenges to the interstate shipment of wine (and beer and spirits) and keep the legislation that affects wine shipping at the state level."   As for me, I prefer to have as many imbibing choices possible, and access to all the products crafted across the country.

Fermentation - The Daily Wine Blog asks, "What lies and fallacies lie ahead in the effort to prevent America's beer wholesalers from passing HR 1161 and keeping craft beers, wines and a spirits out of consumer hands?"

Learn more about the subject, and follow the rich and interesting discussions, at the two blogs above, or start following:
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