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Friday, November 11, 2011

Slate Says Drink Cheap Wine

Why You Should Be Drinking Cheap Wine - Slate Magazine:  'via Blog this'
"Finally, rest assured that cheap wine in the United States is good, to the extent that the term has any objective meaning. . . Reviews and recommendations are great for cars or televisions or overpriced wines, because bad decisions are expensive. If you hate your cheap bottle of wine, just uncork another."
Inside Scoop SF » The false promise of cheap wine:  'via Blog this'
"Oh, please. . . But ultimately the wine industry has hurt itself by portraying cheap wine as fancier than it is. It has created the illusion that $5 wine is fancy enough that you don’t need to spend a cent more. And it paves the way for silly articles like Slate’s, which only make an ongoing case for ignorance."
Inexpensive wine could be a good value.  I think in the end, if you approach it as everyday table wine, you probably won't get disappointed.  My two cents.

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