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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Who hates cilantro? Study aims to find out

This is really interesting to me as I'm American-born and of Chinese descent. I grew up in a household that cooked using cilantro, and I hated it growing up. Now as an adult, decades later, I love cilantro!

The Body Odd - Who hates cilantro? Study aims to find out:

"Researchers found an aversion to cilantro ranged from a low of 3 percent to a high of 21 percent among six different ethnic groups.

Young Canadians with East Asian roots, which included those of Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai and Vietnamese descent, had the highest prevalence of people who disliked the herb at 21 percent. Caucasians were second at 17 percent, and people of African descent were third at 14 percent.

Among the herb's fans, the group with the fewest number of people who disliked cilantro were those of Middle Eastern background at 3 percent, followed by those of Hispanic and South Asian ancestry at 4 percent and 7 percent respectively."

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