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Sunday, June 10, 2012

What’s next for Tiger Woods?

What’s next for Tiger Woods? -

"He’s healthy. He’s hungry. He’s hot.

Tiger Woods comes to the Olympic Club this week having recaptured much of the long-misplaced skill, swagger and intimidating aura that some thought was lost forever.

His reconstructed swing is starting to look sweet. His once legendary putter, while still betraying him at times, is beginning to revert to divining-rod form." . . .

"Perhaps Nicklaus’ opinion on Woods’ immediate future — specifically at Olympic — carries the most weight.

“I suspect No. 15 will come for Tiger Woods in about two weeks,” Nicklaus said at the Memorial trophy presentation. “If he drives the ball this way, and plays this way, I’m sure it will. And if not, it will surprise me greatly.”"

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