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Monday, November 19, 2012

US Presidents – Top 5 Golfing Commanders in Chief

This is an entertaining read. I especially love the snippets about President Clinton . . .

US Presidents – Top 5 Golfing Commanders in Chief ‹ 19th Hole – The Golf Blog From Your Golf Travel:

"With Barack Obama securing a comfortable-ish victory in the US Presidential Election we at Your Golf Travel are glad to have a golfing president in the White House. After all, who would use the putting green outside of the Oval Office if the non golfing Mitt Romney would have been elected?! With Obama’s re-election we were curious about which other US Presidents had a love for the game and were somewhat surprised to learn that a fairly large proportion of recent US Presidents had regularly taken to the fairways. Here are the top 5 golfing presidents…"

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